15 Cheaper Alternatives to BodyBoss Portable Exercise Equipment, Compared

Portable gyms with do-anywhere workout potential can run a bit pricey, especially for the popular equipment. We've found some great cheap alternatives to the most popular portable gym equipment out there.

The BodyBoss portable home gym has everything anyone could need in a home workout system - but the price is kinda hard to love.  Even with the kit including a workout bar and all the necessary straps, bands, handles, door anchor and even access to a world of free workout videos, $180 is a little high for some of us.

But what if I told you we could find similar systems for less, and keep the primo workout possibiities? Yup, it's true. We looked into it, and you can have your portable exercise equipment cake and eat it too - as long as you work out afterward, that is. 

Ultimately we decided these were our top favorites in the following categories:

  • Highest Quality, Best Personal Gym to Take to Work or Travel: Hyfit
  • Smallest Portable Gym for Easy Carry Along: Pocket Monkii
  • Best Portable Home Gym for Out of Shape/Obese, Limited Mobility, or Newbies: Bodylastics and BodyGym

Check them all out below!

15 cheaper alternatives to the BodyBoss portable gym

W8 Gym

Created by cousins Clive Payne, Nick Meaney, and British singer/songwriter Fleur East,  the W8 Gym features resistance bands of 3 different strengths with handles, padded wrist and ankle straps, 10 kg of dumbbells and a door anchor - and the case itself can be used with numerous exercises once filled with all the home workout system components.

But how does it compare to the other portable home gyms?

Price: £99.00 for the green, white, or pink W8 Gym, which converts to appx $129 USD and 111 Euro.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? Over 200.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Does not appear to in their Terms of Service.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? 14.5 kg, or appx 32 lbs.


  • Easily transported, and slides under the bed for simple storage
  • Videos to follow demonstrating workouts
  • Innovative design


  • Doesn't look like they ship to the U.S.
  • Pink, white, and green versions are cheaper, but the gold edition isn't much cheaper than the BodyBoss

Bottom Line:

If you travel a lot or need to work out at home or in a smaller space, the W8 Gym could work for you. They do ship to numerous countries, but not the United States or Australia.

Lynx Travel Board

This one is especially great for the frequent traveler because the Lynx Travel Board has, according to the Lynx site, slightly less friction technology built into it than the other Lynx Boards, making it easy to roll up into its over-the-shoulder carrying case and stashed in the overhead compartment of most airlines.

With its impressive versatility, many exercises can be done on the Lynx Board without the same risk of injury to the joints as other portable workout equipment. In fact, you can replace gym favorites like the treadmill, ab wheel, rowing machine, and others just with one Lynx Board - and take it with you wherever you go.

Price: Currently on sale, the Lynx Travel Board is only $159.99 with free shipping in the continental U.S.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? Hundreds; here is a library of videos demonstrating them.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? It's refund policy says that they do not accept returns, but will gladly exchange your Lynx Board for a different model within 2 weeks of purchase. As far as warranty coverage, your Lynx Board is covered for one year from the date of purchase. 

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? The Lynx Board weights 6.6 pounds, and is very easy to transport in its travel bag.


  • Especially great for strengthening the core muscle groups (with studies to back it up)
  • Exercises done properly on the Lynx Board can replace several machines at the gym
  • Easily stashes in overhead compartment on airplane; fits under the bed or behind the dresser at home or in a hotel room


  • Sale price is great; full price is not
  • Very few customer reviews can be found

Bottom Line:

If you travel a lot and like the design and concept of the Lynx Board, you should grab it while it's on sale (which may be for a long time — check here).

Monkii Bars

While there are several types of Monkii Bars, all fantastic for different types of workouts, we're pretty sure the Pocket Monkii ranks above all in the easiest portable workout equipment department.

With a goal to keep you in shape while traveling and not relying upon the questionable quality of most hotel gyms - or in shape at home, not relying upon expensive gym memberships - Monkii makes the handy Pocket Monkii super lightweight and compact enough to actually fit in your pocket or purse.

You can use it in the privacy of your home, hotel room, or even outside - wherever you can find a sturdy door or tree - using your own body weight for resistance. With the accompanying app, Monkii Dan shows you how to do each exercise properly, and how each optional accessory can fit into your work out if you like.

Price: $99.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? Countless, and the app has videos where Monkii Dan demonstrates each one for you.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? There's a 30 day refund policy, and there's also a repair offer for active users of their products here. And here's their 'Monkii Pact': Once the 30-Day Guarantee  period is over, they'll gladly repair or replace Monkii parts at no cost  to you, as long as you've been using them as intended. 

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? The Pocket Monkii weighs less than a pound and fits easily into most pants pockets or purses.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport and use wherever you go
  • The most backed fitness device in the history of kickstarter


  • Still in Kickstarter; ships in November 2018 (maybe a great holiday gift for someone?)

Bottom Line:

If you're a frequent traveler and can't take much extra with you, give the Pocket Monkii a whirl. It can fit into your pocket or purse easily, weighs less than a pound, and the handy mobile app shows you all the exercises you can do with it right on your phone.

Booty LYFT

You can tone that tush and the rest of your body up easily with the portable fitness Booty LYFT. On sale with free shipping to boot, you'll save plenty and get a great full body workout if you buy now. 

Take it with you when you travel or use it in your home, whatever you like - all its components stash easily into its travel bag and lightweight frame.

Price: $99 with free shipping to the contiguous 48 states.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? At least 15 are demonstrated in videos here.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Their FAQ explains that there is a 30-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, and:

  • The steel frame has a 2-year warranty that can handle up to 180LBS  of resistance creating a challenging exercise for most! USE ONLY AS  INTENDED. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 6 RESISTANCE BANDS ON THE SAME LOOP AT THE SAME TIME!
  • The Booty LYFT comes with 6 resistance bands with a solid and large  clip. The bands do not come with a warranty. Treat the bands well and they’ll last you a long time but eventually will wear out. At the first  sign of any damage to a band STOP using it immediately and replace it  with a new, undamaged band. They can be sold separately.
  • The EPDM handles have a 5-year warranty. If they wear out after that, they can be sold separately.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? It's very lightweight and easy to carry, but its official weight is not listed.


  • No assembly required
  • Easy on the joints
  • You can add resistance bands (up to 6) whenever you need a challenge


  • Steel frame is a bit awkward to carry when traveling unless you're driving and can put it in the trunk or back seat

Bottom Line:

This probably works best for a home workout, but travel is still an option if you can stash the steel frame somewhere easily enough. 

X Bands

Get a workout in anytime anywhere with X Bands, the most convenient, easily transported portable fitness equipment possible. With many diverse options available, X Bands are very affordable and effective used either alone or in combination with others in a kit to provide an exemplary workout for the whole body. Here are some favorites:

There are 7 different categories of bands to choose from (booty bands, resistance bands, dead bands, Vanna belts, etc.), and package deals of their best sellers.

For exercise demonstrations, you can follow X Bands on Instagram or visit their YouTube page, where you can work out with the bands along with the athletes. 

Price: Varies, but individual resistance bands are as low as $7.99 here with free shipping on all orders.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes, with the proper exercises.

How many exercises can you do with it? Countless combinations.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Their return policy is for 30 days if the item is unused and still in its original packaging. Sale items cannot be refunded. A warranty was not found.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? A set of resistance bands doesn't even weigh a pound. They are undoubtedly the simplest portable gym kits to transport. 


  • Affordable
  • Can be used in a wide variety of exercises
  • Simple to transport in luggage or purse


  • Some found bands too small to fit around both thighs
  • Some felt they were a bit too stiff upon receiving them new

Bottom Line:

These are great if you like working out with resistance bands and know what to do. If you're new, grab a simple band or two (you can buy some on sale individually, and shipping is free) and watch some videos on how to use them. They're definitely easy to take along on trips as they can fit in any luggage, briefcase pockets, or purse.


Similar to the X Bands but with a special 'anti-snapping technology' and stackable effect added, Blake Kassel's Bodylastics has a wide assortment of kits for any type of workout and any skill level.

You can do these exercises and more with Bodylastics:

Bodylastics are easy to set up anywhere there's a sturdy door - or with some exercises you can just use your own body for resistance. 

You'll just need an anchor, which Blake shows you how to attach here. Then, you can start choosing your bands to attach to it, or attach multiple bands for the 'stackable' effect:

Some kits above have everything you need in them, like the 12 pcs set for $29.95 or the 14 pcs set for $39.95 - you can use these to do almost every exercise demonstrated for a whole body workout at a very low price.

When you're ready, you can buy them here.

Here's how they ranked with the rest of our personal gym lineup:

Price:  Varies, some kits sell for only $29.95.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? There are many you can watch on video here for a fee or browse their YouTube channel for ideas. They also have full workouts designed for cardio, flexibility, and strength building here.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? All the Bodylastics systems come with a lifetime warranty (however, see below details), unless they're used in a commercial setting. There's also a money back guarantee which follows the return policy on Amazon, details here.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? You can use these setups anywhere with a sturdy door available. Blake demonstrates here. As long as you can safely anchor your system to your door, you can work out anywhere you find yourself. They are incredibly lightweight and easy to fit into luggage or the travel bag many of them are sold with, like this kit.


  • Higher quality and more snap resistant than similar resistance band kits
  • 84% of 2,317 reviews ranked the Bodylastics system with 5 stars
  • Excellent versatility; great for those who want cardio, or those who want strength building; do one exercise on light resistance when you're tired, or take it up a notch adding more resistance when you feel stronger
  • For those out of shape, obese, an exercise newbie, or those who have limited mobility, Bodylastics doesn't leave you out. There are videos for you, too, to help you get started or back in the workout game


  • Some felt the lifetime warranty without details listed was misleading; after you receive your kit, there's a note inside stating the lifetime warranty on defective parts is 90 days; after that, the bands can be replaced for $5.95 each
  • Some have been hit by poorly secured door anchors during workouts; be sure to watch how Blake hooks them up and follow instructions in the manual carefully

Bottom Line:

These are high quality and versatile, perfect for those who are traveling, prefer an in-home workout, or just getting into exercise for the first time.


Developed by soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces partnered with personal trainers, the Hyfit is a 'wearable gym' that comes in several variations, promising a real gym experience anywhere. Hyfit comes with an app and progress tracking technology to ensure you're using the system correctly and keeps you informed on your heart rate, calories burned, etc., as well as Resistance Adjusters enabling you to tailor your workout to your skill level.

Preferable to resistance band kits, the Hyfit system only needs one resistance band instead of several, streamlining your workout and minimizing your carry-alongs. Having received early endorsements on their Kickstarter from Reebok, customers can be assured the Hyfit is of the highest quality.

Here are some of the exercises you can do for a full body workout with the Hyfit:

Price: Pre-order one at $119 here, the 3rd batch ships in August.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes, for strength and conditioning. Here's how one professional boxer uses the Hyfit.

How many exercises can you do with it? Over 250.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Their Kickstarter states, "We provide a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee you receive your Wearable Gym Product free of manufacturing defects." 

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? Weight was not provided, but the whole gym fits into an over-the-shoulder travel bag for superior portability - shown below:


  • Designed and developed by Israeli Defense Force soldiers and personal trainers
  • Easy to customize and track goals through progress tracking technology and app
  • Superbly lightweight and easy to transport for travel
  • Resistance adjustment allows users to tailor their workout


  • Affordable with Kickstarter pricing; not necessarily otherwise

Bottom Line:

This is an innovative take on regular resistance bands, perfect for travel, designed by Israeli Defense Force soldiers who had to stay in shape while living in highly changeable environments.


Regardless of your skill level, you're sure to find a suitable workout with the BodyGym. Countless exercises are possible with the easily assembled BodyGym, many of which are demonstrated on their videos by spokesperson Marie Osmond.

You can also purchase videos on demand:

and if you forget the exercises, there are handy stickers you can put on the BodyGym bar to remind you at a glance what comes next:

You'll get all these features with the BodyGym Core System purchase:

Price: Appx $50 after all payments are made, with free shipping to boot.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? Unlimited, plus 3 new total body workouts in the Digital Library.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? None found, however any BodyGym sold on Amazon must follow Amazon's refund policy.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? The BodyGym bar weighs under 3 lbs and is easily disassembled for convenient transport in the travel bag included.


  • Simple assembly
  • Easy to do exercises from a seated position if newbie or limited mobility
  • Provides a surprisingly challenging workout when used properly
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Some felt the exercises primarily focused on upper body with few shown to tone lower body
  • Knockoffs and defective components have been a problem for some when ordering on Amazon; read each seller's reviews before ordering - if low ratings or they don't have any yet, try another with high ratings or buy from the official website

Bottom Line:

Great for those who need to start slowly or from a seated position. Get one from the official website if you want to avoid the possibity of buying a knockoff replica or defective merchandise.


If you need another resistance band option, WEINAS provides it. Although they make a variety of other products, they found the time for a resistance band kit as well - and it looks pretty high quality to boot! Each color band indicates a different weight resistance:

Similar to the Bodylastics system covered earlier, you can anchor the system to a door, and attach one or multiple bands to the handle to create greater resistance as you get stronger.

And, also similar to the Bodylastics, their nylon sleeve covers prevent painful snapping against the skin if band breaks during workout:

Here's how we summed up the WEINAS bands:

Price:  $26.99 on Amazon.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes if all exercises are done properly.

How many exercises can you do with it? Numerous.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Amazon sellers follow the Amazon refund policy.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? Not listed, but appears to be just the bands, straps, anchors, and handles with the travel bag, so very light.


  • Ranks at 4.5 stars with 87 reviews 
  • You can use these with the BodyBoss system, according to answered questions here
  • Anti-snap sleeves protect the skin from band snaps during exercise
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport


  • Only slightly cheaper than the Bodylastics system for their $30 kit - but shipping puts you well over unless free shipping options are available for your shopping method
  • Some felt the bands had an unpleasant odor when first arrived

Bottom Line:

This is another option for resistance bands, very similar to those used in BodyBoss and Bodylastics systems - substantially cheaper than BodyBoss (but without some of the equipment), but not much cheaper than Bodylastics, especially if you pay for shipping

Suzanne Somers' EZ Gym

For less than half the price of some portable home gyms, the Suzanne Somers' EZ Gym offers a wide array of features ideal for the frequent traveler or at-home workout enthusiast including:

Any sturdy door should work for setting up the EZ Gym. For $79.99, you'll get everything shown here:

... as well as a thorough instruction manual detailing setup and proper exercise.

Here's how the EZ Gym compared:

Price: $79.99 .

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes with the proper exercises.

How many exercises can you do with it? At least 10 in 10 minutes.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Suzanne offers a 30-day return policy with original packaging, details here. No warranty info could be found.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? At 3.5 pounds, the EZ Gym is super easy to transport and assemble wherever there's a sturdy door.


  • Excellent home workout option with easy assembly
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport as needed
  • Lots of exercises can be done; can also be used with chair in seated position for some with limited mobility


  • User must be cautious and use the gym only when mounted correctly on the door; injuries may occur otherwise

Bottom Line:

This is a great for a home gym; may be a little less convenient for some to transport but it can be done and is very lightweight

Stamina WIRK Under Desk Bike

Do you find yourself with absolutely no time to work out? Do you have trouble staying awake and focused at your desk? You can address both issues with the Stamina WIRK Under Desk Bike! Just slip your feet into the adjustable straps and start pedaling:

You can adjust the tension over 8 levels of resistance for a more challenging "bike ride", or check the wireless monitor to see how many calories you've burned, how long you've been pedaling, and more.

You can even bring it up on the desktop to work your arms when you need to give your legs a break!

The best part? The under-desk bike is completely silent, so nobody's work will be disturbed by your pedaling - unless they check under your desk, they probably won't even know!

Here's how we felt the WIRK under-desk bike compared:

Price: $129.99 with free shipping (unless you choose expedited for $10).

Does it provide a full body workout? No, but you can work your legs, glutes and upper arms and if you pedal for at least 30 minutes and raise your heart rate, it can qualify as cardio.

How many exercises can you do with it? About 2.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Their products are warranted to be free of defect at time of purchase; must register to get full warranty otherwise. Details here. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? It weighs 21 lbs, so it's light enough to carry as needed.


  • Easy to use while working when you have no other time for exercise 
  • Straps and non-slid pedals allow for safe and simple pedaling
  • Wireless monitor can be placed on your desk while you pedal to glance at as desired
  • Placement allows for knees to remain well beneath desk while pedaling
  • May be helpful for those with attention difficulties


  • Although it's only 21 pounds, it's still not extremely light and is a bulky shape for transporting. Maybe best to keep at the office since that's probably where you'll use it the most anyway.

Bottom Line:

This is brilliant for those with no time to work out and possibly for those who have trouble with dozing off at their desk or losing focus. At $129 it's not the cheapest option we've found, but it's still cheaper and even more convenient than the BodyBoss


As seen on CBS, CNN, and NBC broadcasts including the Today Show, as well as the pages of GQ, Shape, and Men's (and Women's) Fitness magazines, the Bodyblade has been widely enjoyed, selling over 1.5 million units worldwide. It's great for numerous exercises in a variety of settings:

The site explains how the Bodyblade works with their RCT, or rapid contraction technology, which causes the body to contract its muscles very repetitively and quickly - up to 270 times per minute - simultaneously enhancing your balance/coordination while building strength and improving flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. This infographic explains it further:

There's a series of videos on the site demonstrating the different exercises you can do with it:

and all of the packages are affordable

Each comes with helpful wall posters to guide exercises as well as a DVD to follow along. The best deal, we've concluded, is the Classic Kit, shown below, or if you prefer the Fit and Flow (if still on sale):

Here's our handy summary of the Bodyblade:

Price: the Classic Kit shown above is $99 and the Fit & Flow is on sale for $129. Both, as well as accessories and other items, can be purchased here. You may be able to find some on Amazon, too.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes, if the proper exercises are done.

How many exercises can you do with it? Several, check out their videos page for demonstrations.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Returns are accepted within 30 days and need an RMA number to be issued; details here. Warranties are offered for a year, and your item must be registered; details here.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? It's 4 feet long and weighs 2 lbs. Easy to carry if you don't find the length awkward.


  • Great for beginner fitness levels, kids, those recovering from injuries, and the elderly
  • Recommended by many physical therapists for strength-building
  • Many noticed a difference in strength, stability, and even some weight loss using the blade for 10 minutes 3 times weekly


  • While especially good for children, those recovering from injuries, and the elderly, some with higher skill levels found it was not enough of a workout
  • Some ordering on Amazon did not receive all of their kit components

Bottom Line:

These are great for kids, elderly individuals, or those recovering from injuries, but for those in need of a heavier workout, they may not be ideal. Try it and see if you like - just be sure to read the return policy thoroughly first.


Another maker of many things, Taotuo makes resistance bands like these shown above, available on Amazon here and here.

The 16-piece version allows for these exercises

as well as these, without the anchor:

Price:  $26.99 on Amazon

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes, if proper exercises are done. Although no videos are shared on the Taotuo sites, this shows several exercises you can do with various types of resistance bands.

How many exercises can you do with it? Countless, both with and without the anchor.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Since they are found on Amazon, they follow Amazon's return and warranty policies.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? Several resistance bands don't even weigh a pound. Easy to carry in travel bag included.


Easy to workout anywhere

Lightweight and super simple to transport with travel bag included



Bands may occasionally snap while in use 

Bands may wear out over time requiring replacement

Bottom Line:

These are affordable, easily transported, take up barely any space, and are great for simple workouts. Good for anyone with the coordination needed to use resistance bands.


While GoFit creates more than one type of exercise equipment, we're most interested in the Pro Gym Extreme in a bag (above) at this time more than the Resist-a-Bar or the Glute Blaster, simply because it can transport most easily and give a full body workout. They're all useful and affordable exercise items, however. But now, without further ado, let's get into the Pro Gym!

The 4 interchangeable tubes are different colors and marked according to their resistance weight. Together, they offer up to 12 levels of resistance, for a maximum resistance of 140 lbs.

If you aren't sure what type of exercises you can do with the Pro Gym Extreme, this video demonstrates several, showing how you can get a full body workout. The kit also comes with a thick and thorough instruction guide to share all you need to know in order to properly use the Pro Gym Extreme. 

You can do exercises anywhere, either with the anchor:

or without:

Here's our final thoughts on the Pro Gym Extreme:

Price: $59.99.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes.

How many exercises can you do with it? Many, check this video for some great ideas.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? The site FAQ  states this regarding refunds:

 "If you are not happy with your GoFit Store purchase, you may return your item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund (less fee mentioned). Opened CDs and DVDs may not be returned for a refund. Items should be returned in their original product packaging and should be  packed to arrive undamaged and resalable. Items returned damaged may be  deducted from your refund. GoFit will provide a return shipping label if  the return is a result of our error. GoFit cannot provide a refund for  items purchased from a third party. GoFit Store does not ship  internationally and will not be able to support customer service outside  of the USA.

Please do not return any item without contacting GoFit Customer Service first to obtain a Return Authorization Number. This number will assist us in  processing your return timely and correctly. Please include this number  in the box on a note or with your original packing slip. Items should be  shipped back using a service that provides tracking. Items that cannot  be confirmed as delivered to us, will not be refunded. Deliveries  refused or undeliverable to the address provided by the customer will be refunded less any actual shipping costs incurred by GoFit."

The also recommend buyers contact GoFit resellers with any product issues.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? The weight is not found, but the Pro Gym Extreme is easily assembled and disassembled and carried in the included travel bag.


  • Affordable
  • Bands are durably made
  • Customers like the different weight combinations that can be made with the Pro Gym


  • Some users complained of bands snapping on Amazon

Bottom Line:

This system is like many others with the resistance bands and anchor, ankle straps, etc. It's a decent product for the price, but there are very similar options for lower prices if you browse our reviews above.

Iron Gym

Finland's Iron Gym makes numerous products, including their exercise balls, which come in different sizes to serve different heights:

These are burst resistant, ideal for strengthening the core muscles, and improving balance.

You may be surprised how many exercises one can do with a resistance ball, too. Here are just a few of many:

In fact, you can tone all the muscle groups of the body using the exercise ball. Plus, it's very affordable, too. 

Here's our wrap-up on the exercise ball from Iron Gym:

Price:  £12.99 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched byAmazon over £20.

Does it provide a full body workout? Yes, if the proper exercises are done.

How many exercises can you do with it? Numerous.

Does it come with a warranty or refund/replacement policy? Items sold on Amazon would go according to Amazon's refund and warranty policies.

Is it easy to transport? How much does it weigh? 1 pound, and easily deflates for transport.


  • Burst-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Versatile with numerous exercises possible


Bottom Line:

This burst-resistant exercise ball is legendary! But it won't ship to the U.S. so we can't try it out here. That's ok, there are lots of other brands available of similar quality - like these.

*All images are credited to their respective websites as mentioned above, or to Amazon, as in all WEINAS images


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