The Top 24 Best Portable Gyms

If you travel a lot for work (or pleasure!), it can be hard to fit in your regularly scheduled workouts. These portable gyms can travel with you, and make working out on the road a breeze.

Once you become a digital nomad, the world becomes your home. Places set in brick and mortar may become a memory as you move around, while things that easily travel with you are more likely to earn a spot among your essentials. 

Enter: the all-in-one portable gym. 

These take all the bulky equipment you use at the gym and pack it concisely into a lightweight carryall solution that goes where you go. Slide these easily under the bed for storage and take them out when you’re ready to work those muscles. 

The best part? There are plenty of options to choose from right now too — come check out our portable gym finds and pick the one that works best for your nomadic lifestyle!

Our top portable gym choices

Best overall portable gym: Lynx Boards - simplest design/easiest portability for full workouts

Best portable gym for beginners:  Lifeline Resistance Bands

Best portable gym for heavy weight trainers: Mobell Muscle

Best resistance-based portable gym set: Hyfit

Most diverse portable gym: Bodylastics or TRX Suspension Trainers (Stamina and Lifeline/Escalade make the largest assortments of workout products)

Best value portable gym: BodyGym — If you get the official basic package BodyGym, with all intended parts and DVDs, this is a great value.

The top 24 Portable Gyms for Heavy Travelers BodyBoss 

BodyBoss Portable Gym 'brings the gym to you' with a full body workout anytime, anywhere. You can follow recommended exercises via the handy booklet included, work out alongside trainers in the provided videos, or do your own thing at your own pace.

The starter set includes a base designed to support your stance while you move through a variety of exercises without slipping.


You’ll also get 2 resistance bands, a collapsible workout bar, 2 handles, 2 wrist straps, a door anchor, and the carryall bag - plus an instruction manual, workout guide, and links to guided videos to demonstrate the suggested exercises. 

Price:  $179

Ease of assembly? Very easy, with simple instructions.

Ease of use? Simple to use, with a booklet and video to follow if you get confused.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Only online or from a distributor (links to find a distributor on the site do not work currently, however).

Refund policy? Warranty? Returns are refunded within 30 days of purchase; details are here. Warranty details are here.


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Sturdy, high quality components
  • Simply add bands or tighten for a harder workout as you build strength over time
  • Likelihood of injury reduced greatly with bands over dumbbells


  • Not all accessories can fit inside folded gym
  • Customer service may not respond immediately or may require additional follow-up

Bottom Line:  

Anyone of any age, height, or weight can train with this gym. It offers a total body workout, is easily relocatable, and can be optimized for a harder workout as you gain strength over time.


Need to get some reps in at your desk? The OYO Personal Gym is compact enough to fit in your office drawer so you can tone up at lunchtime without leaving the building! 


Weighing less than 2 pounds, OYO can be easily packed up and taken anywhere for a workout whenever it suits you.

The system uses resistance technology called SpiraFlex, which the OYO team explains was also used by NASA astronauts to stay fit while on the International Space Station. Its unique design applies resistance to not only one, but both sides of the muscle groups with one motion, cutting your workout time in half. Plus, you can do up to 75 different exercises with the OYO using their exercise chart.

The OYO Personal Gym comes with a 2-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee from the date of your order. You can purchase them here for $149.95

Here’s our handy summary of the OYO

Price:  $99.95

Ease of assembly? Not the easiest of assembly or use for some, but most found it about average on both.

Ease of use? Not the easiest of assembly or use for some, but most found it about average on both.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Online or from a distributor

Refund policy? Warranty? Refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase with details here. Warranties are discussed here.


  • Great workout for multiple body parts
  • Gentler on joints than free weights
  • DVD included for demonstrating exercises


  • Some found it to be not as fluid in motion as others have indicated
  • Tricky for some to put together

Bottom Line:  

Made from the inventor of the Bowflex, this fitness tool is an efficient, lightweight, easily transported way to workout anywhere.

W8 Gym

W8 Gym is the brainchild of 3 cousins, including British X-Factor star, Fleur East. Known as the “Gym in a Box”, over 200 exercises can be done using the W8 Gym kit, anytime and anywhere you choose to set it up.

Each W8 Gym kit contains 10 kg of dumbbells, a door anchor, 2 resistance band handles, 2 padded ankle and wrist straps, and 3 different strengths of resistance bands. These are used to perform the exercises, some of which actually include lifting or stepping on the kit itself, closed and full of the equipment for added weight. 

Choose from 4 kit colors (pink, green, gold, and white), and join Fleur as she demonstrates the exercises in free workout videos here. Check back for nutrition advice from world-class nutritionist Barbara Cox, expected to be on the site soon.

The kits are due to ship around the end of June (so, any minute now), although still currently in their indiegogo phase, so be sure to check back and place an order here when they’re ready. 

Here’s our handy summary of the W8:

Price:  $131 (converted from 99 British pounds).

Ease of assembly? Very simple.

Ease of use? Easy for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Only online.

Refund policy? Warranty? Refund info was not found on their site; warranty info is here.


  • User manual and videos are available to follow along with Fleur to do the exercises
  • Easy, intermediate, and advanced resistance band strengths for any skill level
  • Handy carryall cases fit all items for storage


  • Exercises lifting the case seem awkward
  • Website is not complete yet

Bottom Line:  

Looks like a handy, easy-to-use workout kit. It may be wise to wait until orders ship at least once before ordering.


Monkii Bars 2, the most recent of Monkii products, is called the “anti-gym” by its developers, who believe “experiences are more valuable than appearances,” and designed the monkii bars to “prepare you to experience more.”

The bars use only your body weight for the exercises suggested, the possibilities of which number in the hundreds, and all of which can be done anywhere — even outside.

The monkii App included with your purchase gives you an intro from Monkii Dan on the 21-Day Habit program promoted by the monkiis. Dan also provides the guidance to move through 2 full body workouts adjusted and then categorized by skill level into groups like ‘Lifehacker’ and ‘Adventurer’. 

Monkii bars 2 and the accompanying Adventure Kit are available for a marked down price of $195.00 here, and you can also shop here for various other monkii products like the Tactical Black monkii bars, the Ultralight Kit, the Backpacker Training Program, Monkii t-shirts, and a reserved spot on the next planned Monkiiventure, (currently sold out — but email them to get placed on the waiting list and check back in case of cancellations!)

Here’s our handy summary of Monkii:

Price:  Ranges from $149 - 215.

Ease of assembly?  Very easy.

Ease of use? Simple to use.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty? There's a 30-day refund policy and other replacement and guarantee information is here.


  • Super compact design
  • Lots of exercises you can do - with even a YouTube channel to follow!
  • Easy to transport, useful in many locations indoors and out


  • Some exercises using suspension require a weight limit of 250 pounds

Bottom Line:  

Clever design allows for optimal portability and durable for plenty of use. Worth the price if you'll use them.


Hyfit’s ‘Wearable Gym’, advertised as the “world’s smartest portable workout gear,” offers users a ‘real-time’ gym experience anywhere. With their adjustable resistance bands, wrist bands featuring fitness tracking technology, and the iOS and Android-compatible app, you can stay motivated with weekly goals, follow over 250 workout videos, and stay in contact with your supportive fitness community. 

Here are some more details about Hyfit:

The basic Wearable Gym comes with two 22-44 pound adjustable resistance bands with calorie and rep-tracking capabilities, and 2 rechargeable wrist trackers with bluetooth 5 connectivity and a built-in heart rate monitor. 

For those who want to honor the military, there’s the Wearable Gym X, essentially the same but in camo:

Or  you can get one of each with the Wearable Gym x2:

You can pre-order your Hyfit Wearable Gym here. They’ve received 324% of their necessary crowdfunding, already shipped twice, and the 3rd batch is expected to ship in August. 

Here’s our handy summary of Hyfit:

Price:  $119

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Only online at this time; get discount for $119 price here.

Refund policy? Warranty? There is a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Over 250 different exercise combinations possible
  • Developed by personal trainers and soldiers from the Israeli Defense Forces
  • Sponsored by Reebok


  • Confusing setup for some
  • No refund information found on site or elsewhere; only warranty

Bottom Line:  

This is a futuristic portable gym integrating suspension trainers with fitness tracking technology for smart training. Receiving high praises all around, we think it's likely a wise investment.


Weighing less than 3 pounds, the BodyGym is easy to carry, replaces all your gym equipment, and promises you’ll start feeling results in as little as 9 minutes. Each basic boxed product contains the BodyGym Bar, the Dipped Natural Latex Band and foot/hand straps, a Travel Bag, Booklet, DVD, and sticker pack. 

The booklet and DVD guide you through the exercises, and the stickers attach to the bar for users to glance at for reminders. Similar to some of the other portable gyms, resistance bands and a bar are used together for toning up with this one. To build greater resistance, simply twist the bar. Here’s a video explaining how it all works.

And who’s that in the pink? Marie Osmond?! Yes, indeed, that is the 70’s singing star of the Osmond Family, looking about half her age. A diehard fan of the BodyGym, here she is demonstrating some of the 100+ combinations of exercises you can do with it:

The BodyGym itself can be purchased here. Shop for more accessories or replacements here. If you prefer, you can get the BodyGym Deluxe package which includes everything from the basic box plus lets you stream DVDs to any device with the BodyGym app for only $10 more. Still want more? The BodyGym Advanced package includes all that plus access to the entire video library and 3 new total body workouts for $15 more — and they’ll waive the initial $9.99 fee. 

Here’s our handy summary of BodyGym: 

Price:  $50 for the simplest BodyGym kit (pay $9.99 today plus two payments of $19.99 after the 30 day risk-free trial is over.) 

Ease of assembly? OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Online only, but check Amazon as well as the BodyGym website. There may be better deals available. (Make sure you are buying the official system though, and mind the reviews of the seller; otherwise you may get cheap, knockoff equipment with missing/dirty/defective parts).

Refund policy? Warranty?  If you aren’t happy with the product, ship it back free of charge within the first 30 days for a full refund.


  • Excellent portability
  • Can get decent results in a short period of time
  • Affordable


  • Hard to know for sure if you're doing the exercises properly

Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym

The creators of Journey Gym believe that “health is a journey”, and promise successful travels through simple cardio, strength, or circuit training workouts that can help you reach your goals in as little as 20 minutes 3-4 times weekly no matter where you’re located - even outdoors, and even if you’re traveling. 

Here are some more details about the product:

When you buy the Journey Gym, you’ll also get 24/7 access to their extensive library of exercise videos of varying lengths, as well as Journey Gym’s unique capability to save your workout videos set to your own favorite music. Finally, you can network with others working on the same goals as you in the Journey Gym’s online community as well. 

For $199.99, you can buy the Journey Gym on Amazon which includes the portable gym case (which you can also use as a workout platform when opened), 30 resistance bands, adjustable handles, and a full set of legs for transforming the platform into a stair stepper. You’ll also get personal training videos, live streams, and Q&As with star trainers like Kim Lyons of TV’s Biggest Loser show.

For further details, here’s a video with Kim to explain how the Journey Gym system works. 

Here’s our handy summary of Journey Gym: 

Price:  $199.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  None found on official website (would not open); if purchased on Amazon, review Amazon's refund info.


  • Excellent portability
  • Can get decent results in a short period of time
  • Affordable
  • Great for both cardio and strength training


  • Although highly portable, the fully-packed set still seemed a bit heavy to some (about 15 pounds)
  • Included workouts may not be great for beginners or those who haven't worked out in a long time. Take it down a notch if this is you for best results
  • The official website and contact info as well as the online video/customized workout option appear to have flaws and/or don't work
  • Some felt the bands did not provide enough resistance

Bottom Line:  

For those who received the complete product, and didn't have their heart set on the online video option working, this product was adequate. Use caution as the official website and contact info appear not to work.


Created by former body builder Blake Kassel, the Bodylastics system is essentially a set of resistance bands and accessories which work together to give you “super effective resistance without the joint pain and injuries” of a comparable free weight workout.  

Here are some more details about the product:

Using their patented ‘Snap Guard’ design, Bodylastics tube resistance bands can’t be overstretched (a problem they explain as the leading cause of tears in resistance bands), preventing the bands from snapping and flying toward the user’s face or body. 

Bodylastics also uses oversized zinc-coated iron clips to hold the bands, continuously dipped elastics for bands that create optimal workout tension, handles made with nylon, and door anchors with dense foam stoppers which can be placed at any height of your door. 

Setting up the Stackable Clip Tube System with the door anchor involves 2 simple steps.

First, you place the door anchor properly, and close the door. Then you thread the resistance band tube through the loop:

You can also use the resistance bands without a door anchor, using your own body as the anchor, and attach them to ankle or wrist straps. Watch Blake demonstrate here. Then, clip on as many bands as you like for your exercises.

There are exercises for every part of the body with the resistance band system using the door anchor and stackable clips. 

But that’s not all Bodylastics has to offer - there are two other kinds of resistance bands as well. In addition to the clip bands, they have loop bands and flat bands, shown below:

And with the loop bands, a whole new set of possible exercises emerges:

As is the situation with the flat resistance bands as well:

You can also purchase videos here demonstrating strength, cardio, and flexibility workouts with the bands.

When you’re ready to order, shop for band sets and accessories here.

Here’s our handy summary of Bodylastics: 

Price:  Ranges from $12.95 for the basic 12-pc Stackable Clip Tube sets up to $124.95 for the 31-pc sets - or you can grab a flat resistance band set for $12.95, additional clip bands and ankle straps as low as $9.95, various door anchors, handles, videos, and even a gym bag for $19.95.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Online.

Refund policy? Warranty?  The systems come with a lifetime warranty and offer a 100% money-back guarantee which follows the Amazon return policy.


  • Workouts let you add resistance in increments as you wish
  • New users can consult the website for demos to learn exercises
  • Good quality materials
  • Great for physical therapy


  • Some found the lifetime warranty was actually only 90 days; after that replacement bands were $5.95 each
  • Some found the door anchors did not work with the doors in their home
  • Resistance bands may dry out over time and snap - the good news: they are fairly cheap to replace

Bottom Line: 

With an 84% approval rating at 5 stars, it's clear most users are satisfied with the product. Most felt the sets included high quality components and provided an excellent workout. Recommended for those who like resistance band workouts and have done them before.

TRX Suspension Trainers

During a 1997 deployment, a Navy SEAL Squadron Commander named Randy Hetrick constructed the first TRX with a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing. Once home, Hetrick created the first official TRX Suspension Trainer, going on to develop classes utilizing the Trainers and their systems which were eventually sold worldwide - with some even being integrated into the training routines of the United States Marine Corps. 

Later partnering with NFL quarterback Drew Brees, opening professional fitness training and education centers, the official comprehensive curriculum of TRX Academy is completed and the site opens its doors.

But how do you do Suspension Training?

Well, for starters, there are different types of Trainers depending upon what you want to develop - is it flexibility? Core strengthening? Endurance? Choose the system that’s right for you.

Using gravity as your resistance, Suspension Trainers utilize 7 essential movements to bring you a full body workout. You can see those below:

Finally, the TRX app can connect with your wearable and other devices to provide personalized, guided exercise videos you can use as you familiarize with your Suspension Trainer.

Most of these systems can be used anywhere from your living room to a nearby park.

Here’s our handy summary of TRX:

Price:  When you’re ready to purchase, the TRX HOME 2 is marked down to $149.95 here, while the the TRX PRO 4 is $199.95 here, the TRX RIP TRAINER is $139.95 here, and the TRX TACTICAL is $199.95 here

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?   Online.

Refund policy? Warranty?  TRX products come with a 5-year warranty, hassle-free returns at any time, a full year of premium app access free of charge, and the TRX Concierge, which allows users to call, email, or chat anytime for assistance or to ask questions about your products.


  • High quality materials
  • Wide range of exercises possible
  • Highly effective if done properly


  • Requires a lot more space to use effectively than other portable gyms
  • Pricey
  • Not wise for beginners or those who don't regularly work their core muscles

Bottom Line:  

This is great for experienced users or those willing to work up slowly and cautiously from beginner levels, careful to maintain proper posture during exercises.


Founded in 1973 by Bobby “Sugar” Hinds, Lifeline Fitness started with a single beaded jump rope and now offers 7 complete resistance training kits, each targeting a different fitness goal. 

They also make a vast selection of other products with affiliated brands, like athletic training systems, mobility and recovery products, yoga mats and accessories, racks and benches, weighted items like kettlebells, and more. 

An extensive free video library shows how to use the equipment for different types of training. 

Note: Lifeline Fitness has been acquired by Escalade Sports, as has PER4M Sports, Natural Fitness, and KettleworX. All brands are now under the corporate division of Escalade Sports - Fitness.  Free shipping is available on most orders. Order a complete catalog of all products now available here

Here’s our handy summary of Lifeline:

Price:  Prices range considerably within the different categories of equipment provided. The Lifeline PRO Resistance Cable Kit is $79.95 on Amazon, for example.

Ease of assembly? OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online?  Online.

Refund policy? Warranty? A full refund is provided if products are returned within 30 days of purchase.


  • Good for beginners or mid-level athletes
  • Bands well-constructed
  • Access to YouTube channel helps to learn proper exercise techniques
  • Allows for numerous more exercise possibilities than similar optioins


  • Some handles may pinch hands if not wearing gloves
  • Some experienced athletes may not feel enough resistance
  • Resistance level must be memorized by color; some users prefer to have the level printed directly on bands

Bottom Line:  

These are great for beginners or mid-level athletes to build strength and work out.

Mobell Muscle

Mobell Muscle started with the challenge of staying in shape during military deployments with no gyms around. With their mission to keep users ‘Mission-Fit, anywhere, anytime” in mind, Mobell’s founders developed training programs and weight-training equipment that allow users the ability to easily train anywhere they may find themselves. 

Making everything from barbells to t-shirts, Mobell’s specialty is their portable workout gear. This lightweight Mobell Muscle kit, for example, features bars that twist together and weights fillable with either water or sand, enabling deployed men and women to access what Mobell has coined ‘Fitness Freedom’ from anywhere on the globe. 

A team of veterans and athletes themselves, Mobell prioritizes partnerships with other American veteran-owned or 1st-responder-owned companies to acquire all the parts needed for their products. The result? All their gear is 100% made and sourced in the USA. 

Mobell gives 5% of their profits to charity, and offers free same-day shipping on select orders.  

Sign up for their email newsletter to get free shipping (if it isn’t already offered on your product), and deals on equipment as they become available.

Here’s our handy summary of Mobell:

Price:  You can purchase Mobell Gear here, which ranges in price from the Mobell Muscle Kit at $1250-1450 to the Tactical Gym Box at $3695-4995, plus accessories like extra Mobell Sand Filler Bags at $20-28. Get the most bang for your buck with Mobell’s package deals, comprised of all the equipment combined at the best price, or buy single pieces as you wish - like barbells, ranging from $229-550, weights from $20-500, and accessories from $25-58. Check out their training programs (free with some purchases) which work optimally with their products here.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Mobell offers a lifetime warranty described in detail here.


  • Made in USA
  • Portable barbells break down into 3 parts
  • High quality components
  • More than 315 pounds of weights for heavy training


  • Expensive

Bottom Line:  

Rated best training system of 2016 by Men's Health, Mobell Muscle Kits are highly transportable and perfect for heavy weight training on the go

Suzanne Somers EZ Gym

It’s been 41 years since she first starred as Chrissy Snow on the famed sitcom Three’s Company, and Suzanne Somers shows no sign of slowing down. She entered the fitness product realm with her popular ThighMaster in the 1990’s (which is still selling on her site here):

... And continued on with her fashion creations (remember the 3-way poncho? You can still buy it here for $19.99! )



As well as cooking, cosmetics, and fitness gear like the Somersize cookbook series, Facemaster facial toning cream, a bevy of other skincare products, hair care products, nutritional supplements, chemical-free home cleaning products, jewelry, and last, but not least, the ThighMaster Gold plus Buttmaster

Her latest product, the EZ Gym, is exactly that — easy, easy, easy, both to set up and to use. It arrives in a 3 ½ pound package, fits over all standard doors, includes an instructional DVD, a high/low pulley system designed for a free range of movement in all directions with 8 levels of resistance for all skill levels. What’s more? You’ll get an advanced brochure of 70 unique exercises in yoga, pilates, and sports training, a handy travel bag, as well as 2 EZ Gym 10 Workout posters.


If that’s still not enough, all of Suzanne’s Organics collection are 100% cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Here’s our handy summary of Suzanne Somers EZ Gym, the main focus of our review:

Price:  Useful for both strength training and cardio workouts, the EZ Gym sells for $79.99, and standard shipping of $8.99. Check the discounts and sales offers here — plus, rumor has it there’s a 15% discount promo code emailed to you when you sign up for their newsletter.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Refunds are provided up to 30 days after purchase.


  • Sturdy components
  • With 8 levels of resistance, it's great for any age, gender, skill level
  • Surprisingly effective
  • Space-efficient and highly portable


  • None noted

Bottom Line:  

This kit works well for anyone and sets up easily in 15 minutes or less


The Taotuo Resistance Band set consists of 10 resistance bands and attachable tubing varying from 5-25 pounds, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door-safe anchor, and a carrying bag.

This set is appropriate for physical therapy and working out with yoga, pilates, and other fitness modalities, and can provide a range of exercises which combine to provide a full body workout. They can be used in combination with weights or other equipment as well as alone, and are easily stored and transported for a portable workout anytime, wherever you are. 


Here’s our handy summary of Taotuo:

Price:  You can purchase the Taotuo Resistance Band set on Amazon here for $26.99 with free shipping.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online.

Refund policy? Warranty?  The Taotuo Resistance Band set comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Great for recovery exercises
  • Easily stored away, portable, lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not a lot of info about Taotuo company available

Bottom Line:  

This is a high quality resistance band kit for average users.

Booty LYFT

The Booty LYFT is a lightweight, easily moveable exercise tool allowing for a full body workout anywhere. Gentle on the joints and easily stored, users can add resistance bands to the frame (up to 6 bands for 150 total pounds of resistance) to increase tension for a more challenging exercise whenever they wish - and there’s no assembly required.

If you want to get your glutes in shape, the Booty LYFT provides the best targeted exercises (i.e. Hip Thrusts and Donkey Kicks) for those results - but that’s not the only area the Booty LYFT can work. You can focus on your triceps, biceps, shoulders, back - every part of the body - and most exercises simultaneously strengthen the core while you’re doing them. 

 Here’s a demonstration of some of the exercises you can do with the Booty LYFT as shown on Dallas’ WFAA Good Morning, Texas program. *Users are warned not to use more than 6 bands at a time.

 Here’s our handy summary of Booty LYFT:

Price:  Buy the Booty LYFT here for $150.00. It comes with a frame, resistance bands and a free yoga mat while supplies last. Free shipping is offered within the 48 contiguous United States. 

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  There’s a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after purchase. The frame comes with a 2-year warranty and can handle up to 180 lbs of resistance, while the EPDM handles offer a 5-year warranty. There is no warranty on resistance bands. See here for details.


  • Versatile
  • Sturdy construction
  • Exercise videos useful to learn the techniques


  • Only one customer review was found, this one is located on the Booty LYFT website
  • Pricey

Bottom Line:  

This appears to be a good product if you don't mind the price. We will look for more customer reviews over time.

Body by Jake

Created by American actor and fitness trainer Jake Steinfeld, the Body by Jake brand has been getting people into shape since 1991.  

Image Credit: Body by Jake Official FaceBook page

With equipment like the Ab Scissor, Cardio Cruiser, Total Body Trainer, Bun & Thigh Rocker, Ab & Back Plus, IM Rings (shown below)...

Image Credit: Body by Jake Official FaceBook page

... The Solution, Gravity Force Trainer, Tower 200, and the original Hip & Thigh Machine (shown below).

Image Credit: Body by Jake Official FaceBook page

Body by Jake has worked every muscle group to perfection, and today creates motivating playlists to accompany even the most grueling workouts, which you can download on the Body by Jake website

While many of Jake’s exercise tools have been showcased on HSN, you can buy most of them today on Amazon

You can get the Body by Jake Tower 200, for example. This is a complete Door Gym, offering over 200 pounds of resistance and an optimal workout in 11 minutes:

You can also grab Body by Jake’s IM Weight-Training Rings on Amazon for $57.15, which fit over any standard size door and use the body’s own weight for a maximum-effect workout in 15 minutes

There’s even a Hip & Thigh Sculptor machine from Body by Jake available on Amazon for $349 plus $35.51 shipping. This machine provides a thigh-slimming workout via 3 basic exercise movements and smart resistance technology. Includes a DVD demonstrating the exercises, a meal plan, and guided cardio workout. 

Items purchased from Amazon must follow Amazon’s refund policies, available here.

Here’s our handy summary of Body by Jake Tower 200 Door Gym:

Price:  You can get the Tower 200 for $109 on Amazon.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Not found; use Amazon warranty and refund info


  • Included DVD helps with mastering the exercises demonstrated 
  • Great to maintain fitness and strength
  • Excellent when used in combination with other equipment


  • Pulleys may break, bands may wear thin over time
  • DVD demo shows 4 hand pulleys; only 2 are included with kit

Bottom Line:  

If you can be sure you're purchasing the official product, this should be good for those with realistic expectations who want to work out at home while combining this with other equipment.

The X Bands

The X Bands come in 6 main collection categories, the combination of which offer a full body workout created by ex-military stay-at-home parent Ken Schmidt.  

Choose from Ken’s collections of booty bands, dead bands, heavy duty bands, resistance bands, suspension straps, XL resistance bands, and accessories. Once you’ve selected your favorite bands, watch a video demonstration on how to use them, either on Instagram, YouTube, or this page.

Image Credit to TheXBands Official Instagram Page

Browse each category for product prices and even some sales, like this Booty Building Deluxe Full Set...

This heavy duty bands kit pictured below comes with 3 nylon-covered resistance bands with attachable handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, and a carryall bag for travel.


This handy ‘No Excuse’ package below, chosen by Maria Kang, founder of the ‘No Excuse Moms’ movement, can be found in the ‘Package Deals’ section of the site. The kit comes with custom suspension straps and a door anchor, a Booty Bands starter set and a 70-pound resistance band for pull-ups or other exercises.

The athletes shown demonstrating the X Bands exercises are highlighted here

Still got questions? You can ask them here.

Here’s our handy summary of X-Bands:

Price:  Varies with product: The Booty Building Deluxe Full Set is marked down to $34.99, which you can purchase here. The heavy duty bands kit is marked down to $69.99, available here, and the Package Deals category has great offers, too, like the ‘No Excuse’ package for $89.99 here.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty? Unused items in their original packaging with proof of purchase are refundable up to 30 days after purchase. See details here. Company offers a 1-year guarantee.


  • All X Band orders are shipped free of charge
  • Heavy duty, high quality bands are thicker and more durable than some other brands
  • You can purchase more bands individually as needed
  • Challenging and fun for those at a more advanced skill level 


  • Not great for brand new beginners 

Bottom Line:  

Great for advanced users looking to maintain strength at home.


While making numerous products including vegetable slicers, computer keyboard and mouse rest pads, meat thermometers, and snorkeling equipment, WEINAS somehow found the time to create a resistance band set. Although their main website could not be located, you can purchase the bands on Amazon.

Image Credit to Amazon

The kit features 11 resistance bands varying from 20-40 pounds of tension, 2 cushioned foam handles, 2 ankle straps, 2 door anchors, and a carryall bag. The kit offers a full body workout anywhere. 

You can review WEINAS’ Amazon customer feedback here

Here’s our handy summary of WEINAS Resistance Bands:

Price:  Purchase the kit here for $35.99 on Amazon Prime with free shipping.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  WEINAS offers a 60-day money back guarantee or replacement if you don’t like the product; 2 years warranty on manufacturing.


  • Bands are high quality, seem more resistant to snapping
  • Well-made, good construction
  • Lightweight, carryall bag easily stores and transports all components


  • Protective sleeve that prevents snapping also prevented optimal resistance for some advanced users 
  • Instruction manual included is sparse on information 
  • Resistance seems to be about half the labelled suggestion 

Bottom Line:  

A good complete system if you don't have money or time for the gym and don't need a thorough explanation or demonstration


Lynx Fitness offers products like their flagship Lynx Board to get you in shape regardless of skill level. The Lynx Board has patented friction technology to provide a full body low-impact workout in 20 minutes or less. 

The Lynx Board surface, according to the Lynx company website, “responds to your body weight by increasing the intensity of the workout proportionately to the pressure you exert.” Using your own body weight as resistance, the Board is able to provide a full range of motion while protecting the joints and improving the posture, as you move through any combination of exercises. 

Check out their video for a demonstration of the suggested exercises here. This Lynx video library can also be customized to your skill level and gender so you can view your optimal workout. Additionally, these videos show how you can incorporate various accessories into your workout.

With 2 models available, the Lynx Travel Board and the Lynx Home/Studio Board, you can select what works best for your lifestyle. The Travel Board moves easiest with you when you’re on the go, and the Home/Studio version is better for those who prefer to work out in a home or office. 

Here’s our handy summary of Lynx Fitness/the Lynx Board

Price:  Shop for the Lynx Board and accessories here. Lynx Boards vary in price from the Travel Board (on sale for $159.99 here) to the Home/Gym version, available for $289.99 with your choice of color here

Ease of assembly?  Easy.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Lynx Fitness does not provide refunds or warranties, but will grant an exchange of product if notified within 15 days of purchase — see details here.


  • Burns more calories than treadmills or step aerobics class
  • Gives full body workout in half the time of average workouts (15-20 minutes)
  • Proven to improve core strength and endurance
  • Easy transport and storage


  • A fairly limited number of exercises can be used with the boards
  • Expensive

Bottom Line:  

Great if you don't mind the price and especially useful if you have limited space for a full body workout 


The Targitfit Pro Trainer is easy to set up and disassemble for travel, can be used to perform more than 115 different exercises, and stores almost anywhere. 

All Targetfits come with a handy carrying case, which can hold all equipment (including resistance bands, handles, bars, and ankle straps), as well as an instruction manual and 2 workout DVDs. Suggested exercises are demonstrated on this video.

 The carrying case also doubles as a step for step aerobics.


The site also offers discounts for gym owners, school gym instructors and hotel management with details provided upon emailed inquiry. 

Here’s our handy summary of the Targitfit:

Price:  Purchase the Targitfit here for $475 plus $50 shipping in the U.S. 

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  There’s a 30-day money back guarantee for a full refund for your Targitfit minus a $35 restocking fee.


  • Offers full body resistance training 
  • Great portability
  • Doubles as aerobic step 
  • Versatile and adjustable for any skill level


  • Expensive
  • Bare bones

Bottom Line:  

Great for a full body workout on the go if you can deal with the price. The L.A. Times described the Targitfit in a recent comparison by stating, "The comfortable, supportive seated position creates the most solid, gym-like feel of the test group." 

Iron Gym

Iron Gym pretty much has it all when it comes to portable and in-home workout gear. From the Original Iron Gym, a total upper body workout bar launched in 2008 (shown below),

... to abdominal training gear, like the Speed Abs ab wheel...

... foam roller exercise products... 

... and numerous other portable gym equipment, Iron Gym is a Finland-based family-owned company with products sold in over 50 countries. 

You may contact the company with questions here and follow them for updates on Instagram here

Here’s our handy summary of the original Iron Gym:

Price:  Browse for your favorite products here, and watch videos on how to use them here. The new Iron Gym Max is sold for 59 Euros on the site, which converts to appx $70 USD, and can be found here. The Essential Massage Roller is 29 Euros on the site, converting to appx $34 USD, and the 65 cm burst-resistant Exercise Ball is 14.95 Euros on the site, converting to appx $17.47 USD. 

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  There is no warranty or refund policy info available on the site.


  • Improves upper body strength 
  • Can be used on the door or floor for a variety of exercises
  • Portable
  • Convenient and affordable


  • Difficulty ordering on the brand site
  • Check Amazon for options, review seller feedback and ratings before purchase
  • Does not fit all doors

Bottom Line:  

The original Iron Gym is a classic for upper body strengthening at home. Be sure to check for your best price and all household doors for optimal fitting.


With a philosophy of “Train. Recover. Repeat” to help their customers get and stay fit throughout life, GoFit makes gear for home fitness by integrating superior products with the guidance of experts in fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition.  

Products offered cover a wide range, including muscle pain management, weighted resistance, core training, yoga, sports performance, and more. 

Recovery products can be purchased here, such as the Polar Roller for $29.99


And GoFit online exclusives can be purchase here

Want to become a GoFit Dealer yourself? Check the info here.

Here’s our handy summary of GoFit portable gym equipment, specifically the Glute Blaster Bands:

Price:  GoFit products can be purchased at any of their 4,000 American store locations or online here as well. Training products can be purchased here, such as the Gravity Bar for $59.99 and most importantly, the focus of our comparison summery - the Glute Blaster Bands for $24.99

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? GoFit has over 4,000 stores in the U.S. as well as online

Refund policy? Warranty?  GoFit offers refunds within 30 days of purchase minus a restocking fee. Be sure to contact GoFit customer service before returning any purchases in order to obtain necessary information including your Refund Authorization Number. 


  • Glute-blaster bands are great for targetting and sculpting the lower body muscles
  • Challenging exercises
  • Instructional booklet included is helpful
  • Half the price of the Booty Belt and does the job equally well


  • May not be ideal for taller users
  • May not work above a certain (smaller) waist size
  • Some found bands awkward to use; other felt not enough resistance

Bottom Line:  

Glute-blaster bands might be good for you if you're a smaller size female (like probably size 6 or under) with a small waist and also a shorter height. 


Prolific with products, Stamina was founded in 1987 and currently makes numerous types of exercise equipment sold everywhere from QVC to Walmart, partnering with brands like Gold’s Gym, Danskin, and Denise Austin to create select items.


Browse through catalogs of products categorized into groupings of AeroPilates, Avari, Wirk, Back Health, and Stamina X to Exercise Bikes, Compact Striders, Rowing Machines, Steppers, Trampolines, and more on the Stamina website.  

Stamina’s Wirk Office Fitness products range from $129.99 to $299.99 and can be purchased here.

 Compact Striders range from $139.99 to $199.99 and can be purchased here.

 Trampolines range from $49.99 to $129.99 and can be purchased here.

Some categories offer refurbished products for a discount as well, like this refurbed AeroPilates machine marked down to $399 from $699, for example.

Here’s our handy summary of our favorite Stamina product, the Aeropilates Reformer:

Price:  AeroPilates equipment ranges from $279.99 - $1499.99 depending upon the complexity and can be purchased here. For $479, you could get the Reformer on Amazon (currently out of stock) or from the Stamina website. Stamina offers free standard shipping throughout the continental U.S. 

Ease of assembly?  Should take less than 20 minutes for most

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase, but please contact their customer service department first to get instructions.


  • Perfect to strengthen and tone the muscles 
  • Can be adjusted to any height
  • Useful for 50 different exercises
  • Solid, stable construction


  • Not extremely portable in a short amount of time
  • Not enough resistance for some workout goals

Bottom Line:  

With 86% 4-5 star ratings from verified customers, the Stamina Aeropilates Reformer provides a superb low impact workout on par with actual pilates classes.


Ideal for anything from personal fitness to group classes or even physical therapy, the Bodyblade is a versatile fitness tool. As seen on CNN, ABC, GQ and Shape magazine, as well as Men’s Fitness and the Today Show, the Bodyblade has grown in popularity to sell over 1.5 million units worldwide.

Using vibration and inertia, the Bodyblade produces rapid contractions which, according to their website, will “transform your body.” Creating muscle contractions up to 270 times per minute, the Bodyblade gently vibrates, simultaneously toning the body. See details on their RCT, or Rapid Contraction Technology, here, or watch this video explanation from the Bodyblade’s creator. 

When you’re ready to order, choose the Bodyblade that’s right for you here, and find an exercise routine that matches your goals here

Here’s our handy summary of Bodyblade

Price:  The Bodyblade Fit & Flow kit is $129 and can be purchased here. You’ll get the classic Bodyblade, a workout DVD, a yoga DVD, an exercise wall chart for quick reference, and a carryall bag for travel. The Bodyblade Classic Kit is great for beginners at $99 and can be purchased here

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  Refunds or exchanges are allowed within 30 days of purchase, and must bear the proper Return Authorization Number - so contact customer service for instructions prior to mailing your product back to them. Each product has its own warranty information on its packaging, so refer to that for warranty details or contact Bodyblade’s customer service department here.


  • Lightweight, easily portable 
  • Adjusts to any fitness level
  • Includes helpful instructional DVD
  • Good for physical therapy


  • May take a little while to master exercises demonstrated on DVD 
  • Pricey 

Bottom Line:  

Not everyone likes the movements or the exercises suggested with the BodyBlade. Check out some videos of it in use before you purchase and be sure to check around for your best price.


Flobody Fitness has created the Yoga Flexer, which can be set up anywhere, anytime. It can also be customized to help you reach your fitness goals. 

 You can use the Yoga Flexer to work out in a variety of ways, including the site’s suggested traditional method,  resistance-based workout, HIIT, core and lower body-blasting, flolates (like pilates), and more here. You can also subscribe to their YouTube Channel to get updated video workouts as they become available. In a mere 10-15 minutes daily, the patented Yoga Flexer System claims you’ll be in great shape quickly. 

 Their free Flobody training app will be available in all app stores beginning in July. 

Flobody has ideas for Corporate Wellness, too, so if your company is interested, message them for a quote here.

 Here’s our handy summary of the Flobody Yoga Flexer:

Price:  You can pre-order the Yoga Flexer on their Indiegogo site to save 25% off your purchase, due to ship in August. Depending upon which type of Yoga Flexer Bundle you choose, prices vary between $79 and $370. Review the Indiegogo site and videos to make your selection here.

Ease of assembly?  OK for most.

Ease of use? Simple for most.

Any physical stores/locations or only online? Online only.

Refund policy? Warranty?  If your Yoga Flexer is defective, follow the instructions here to get a refund within 30 days of purchase. No warranty information is posted. 


  • Get an optimal workout using only the Flexer or in combination with other equipment
  • Incorporates weight training with flexibility and resistance exercises
  • Downloadable training guides are available and video demos are available on YouTube for certain exercises - like this one for arms


Some bundles are expensive

Bottom Line:  

This works well for anyone who wants a great workout, whether they have any background in yoga or not. Just get the details of the kickstarter sorted so you know what to expect before purchasing


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